Power Of Passion Stageplay Teaches A Good Lesson

Last night, we attended the Power of Passion play at Chicago's Dusable Museum. It's seems every seat in the auditorium was filled to see this vivid interpretation of the community's turbulent streets through the eyes of relatable characters. 

The story follows Pinky, a mother  of teen children and the girlfriend of an unfaithful man named Slim who is guilty of abuse, theft, and responsible for her low self-esteem. He sexually abuses her daughter Shay and continues the hatred for her older son, JB, a common street thug who tramples in gang activity. Despite the comic relief and down-right funny moments, this play addresses real issues of real people.

Pinky has her own set of issues, blaming her daughter Shay for Slim's lewd sexual abuse, and degrading her son JB by calling him dumb and stupid. The play sets an ugly picture of the real streets, including its make-up, practices, and use of extreme violence. It teaches the audience about "hunting" which is the practice of gang members forcing new recruits to rob and murder people for no reason.

Boogie Man and Taxes run the city, controlling our helpless youth, and negatively provide a sense of belonging.  In light of growing surge of violence, this is a personal and relatable scenario for Chicagoans. The cast and crew of this play are a group of all ages, professions, and backgrounds, who share the common interest of seeing a positive change in the community. The Power of Passion encourages parents to love their children presenting the  clear picture of the result of not doing so. The violence in the community is presented with the loud pops of the prop guns resounding in the auditorium. 

The characters speak out to tell a real life story and one with a very happy ending. The characters go on to follow their dreams of survival and success. The Power of Passion gives an encouraging message to community, that together they can make positive changes. For more info on the play, please visit www.Thoughtgiants.com


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