Pass The damn baton already! Jeesh!


In track, a sprinter runs his course and then passes his baton to the
runner waiting up ahead. If  the Baby Boomers could apply this same
principles to their respected industries, the world may be better prepared
for the future. The Movers and Shakers in the 50+ generation REFUSE to
pass the torch to  the new generation of rising stars. Yes, REFUSE!  Why is that exactly? We don't know. However, we assure you that when we're 55 year old pioneers of our time with proven success in our industry, WE WILL NOT BE TRYING TO HOLD ON TO THE WORK LOAD. We might  not make it to the age of 40 before passing our precious wisdom onto a group of able-bodied young adults. As a matter of fact, we've already begun to drop knowledge onto youth and young adults, inspiring them to follow their dreams and make a difference in their own lives.  We understand that these students


are the
future leaders of our time.  And being under 30, we are the current leaders of the Baby Boomers' era. It's time for them to sit down and let young minds wrap around this world and its make-up. It's long over-due. Do they feel threatened by the success of the new generation? how quickly we learn and advance? the tools and technological resources in our possession and in our favor? the broad list of opportunities that are
available from the power of networking? WHAT IS IT!!!???!!??! Who holds the secret?

Why would a mogul or pioneer in one respected industry clam up at the thought of change? Who would pass on the opportunity to teach someone the formula of success? Long life is not promised. You may pass away tomorrow, but do you care what happens with the state of this world when you're gone? Do you care about how our youth will handle the future? What about your own children, grand-children, and great-grandchildren? Do you care about
leaving a legacy when you're gone?

We're sending this message hoping to inspire the Old Schoolers to take a step down and allow someone to take a step up. Remember, no one wins the race if you don't pass the baton.




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  • Good stuff ladies. I concur. The irony is that the older generation seemed to have become lazy in ways needed to act and active in ways needed to be relaxed. Lazy in ways like, help the youth not take over in violence and destroying the community, from cursing all the way up. And way too active in not relaxing when it comes to letting the youth and innovation work it's course. As I wrote some in an article, we don't feel you are incapable of competing, shoo if you ask me, to do it without technology is much more commendable because you didn't have it easy. But now that it's here, fall back! And stop dissing those that want to respect you enough to sit at your feet. Pass on the knowledge, the wisdom, the love, or get left behind. Now this is coming from someone who is not that young and not that old, but I totally agree. I mean I love our elders, but we are wayyy to stubborn.

  • In reply to My1opinionis:


    Thank you so much for being honest about the older generation. What you said is all that we are trying to convey. Younger people truly look up to and respect the older generation but when we come across some real mean spirited elderly people, we think "Why?"

    Young people are eager to learn, live, and love but the older generation can't seem to understand that they are slowly stripping that passion away from us. Then people question why there is so much violence or why can't younger people advance. We think the gap should be bridged. That way we can learn so much more from each other.

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