The Movie Screening For "Speed-Dating"

It's been nearly a week, and we are still excited about the screening of the independent film "Speeddating" here in Chicago at the ICE Chatham Theatre.The owners of the theatre are well known for giving passionate, dedicated filmmakers the opportunity of a lifetime to screen their films in their theatre. Joseph Elmore, wrote and directed "SpeedDating", his fourth feature, which featured a reputable cast including Wesley Jonathan, Holly Robinson Peete, Chico Benymon, Leonard Robinson, Kelly Perine, Tony Roberts, Vanessa Simmons, Chris Elliot, and Chingy. Phewww!! That was a mouth full!! One things for sure, in that theatre, our mouths were full of nothing but laughter. The story follows a trio of womanizing men who host a speed dating event every night, meeting women at every session. We all know speed dating involves meeting and getting to know someone in three minutes and switching off to a new person in hopes of finding a match. Wesley's character "Too Cool" gets hit with a the love bug when Mekita Faiye's character Danielle comes into the picture, as a ploy set up by one of the hearts he's broken. Still, the movie serves an excellent piece in the collection of independent films that are well written, produced, and most importantly edited. There's one independent film we've seen in the past that still gives us nightmares, lol. All in all, we're proud of the the entire cast and crew of this film, including our good friend Dave Leonard who supervised the music for this project.  Before the premiere of the movie, we chatted with the lead character Wesley Jonathan and his leading lady Mekita Faiye who also served as Producer of the film. We give this film four thumbs up!!!! Check out the photos below and the movie trailer!

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