Flair TV Hosts On Garrard McClendon Live!

If you did not tune into CLTV's Garrard McClendon Live on June  16th then you missed the best segment all year!

As we heard the Director say "30 seconds" through the earpiece, we knew for sure our moment was there. We battled high volumes of bumper-to-bumper traffic to get to WGN/CLTV studios in the middle of rush hour traffic. Although we raced the 6 o'clock hour, we made it just in time for our interview on The Garrard McClendon Live Show on CLTV. We cracked jokes in the green room, double checked the make-up and waited patiently until Kela came to escort us to the studio. Then euphoria set in as the reality of the day was full blown. It was 6:25pm and the studio was buzzing with producers, writers, anchors, and other crew members. Garrard McClendon was at his post, ready to start his show. He turned around and gave us the thumbs up in his usually fun and animated manner. We kept quiet, took photos, and sent last minute texts, tweets and Facebook updates about us on being on the show. LJ mic'd us up, and told us where to stand and before we knew it the Director was counting the last few seconds down. Garrard coined us the "Queens of the Red Carpet" reading off a partial list of past show guests.

We had a blast and have the pictures and video to prove it! Before you enjoy the pictures we must thank Garrard McClendon for seeing our charisma enough to allow us to appear on his show!

Photos Video by Maurice Henning of Polymed Pictures


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