Day 2: The Shrine's 1 Year Anniversary...Hosted by Flair TV

We brought Day 2 to a close with smiles on our faces. The night brought a little less crowd than last night but a whole lot more love and positive energy. Tonight Chicago's own Rhymefest presented his album release party and The Shrine's anniversary was the best place to do so. Unlike many rap artists, Rhymefest was easygoing, cool as a breeze, and  having a great night. He cut loose on the dance floor, performed  for the crowd, and took time for photos and quick chats. Drinks, good people and good vibes always make an attractive combination. Joe Russo, owner of the Shrine is off to an excellent week of celebrating. Terry Hunter and Mikkey Halsted were apart of the mix and mingle.  Check out some of the photos that we took!


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