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Alicia Keyes Announces Pregnancy & Marriage

Alicia Keys has finally confirmed what everyone has been speculating for sometime now. She is: PREGNANT &THAT SHE IS SET TO MARRY SWIZZ BEATS IN A PRIVATE CEREMONY Now that this new has been confirmed from Miss. Keyes herself, what are your thoughts? Is she a home wrecker? Or are you happy for her? Have... Read more »

Happy Memorial Day!

Today while you’re stuffing your face with BBQ Ribs, Chicken, Beer, and Potato Salad, we must remember the real reason why we are all celebrating today. Memorial Day commemorates U.S. soldiers who died while in the military service. Fort Logan National Cemetery Let’s take time out of our day to truly remember and give blessings... Read more »

The Doctor Is In.....Interview with Dr. Ian Smith

A last photo before they page the doctor
This Holiday weekend we stepped out to find a little bit of Happiness. Luckily we were able to find it at Borders because Dr. Ian Smith was there promoting his new book ‘Happy‘. Happy can help you improve your life and permanently alter your happiness set point. Dr. Ian has inspired millions to lose weight. Many of... Read more »

Gary Coleman's Life At Risk (UPDATE)

Another celebrity is battling their life due to a brain hemorrhage. Like Brett Michaels, Gary Coleman, 42, is battling his life at a Utah hospital, his manager said in a statement released by the hospital on Friday. The Different Strokes actor fist suffered an intracranial hemorrhage in his home on Wednesday before his condition worsened. Coleman his... Read more »


About 50 industry socialites packed into an undisclosed Chicago restaurant Sunday evening to mix and mingle with a group of talented actors and actresses. Everyone we talked to had nothing but positive things to say about Angela Barrow-Dunlap’s latest theatre production Church Girl.   The Detroit-native is no stranger to running things behind the curtains, previously writing hit plays... Read more »


Edgy. Fierce. Intense.These three words describe the photos taken at the most recent Flair TV photo shoot. Our Photographer Melissa Morley pulled out her innermost creativity and technological aptitude to produce, what’s by-far, the best photos we’ve ever had. Our Make-up Artist J’Alise presented her own artistic flair in creating a masterpiece of sorts on... Read more »

Do's and Don'ts When Traveling To NYC

DO’s 5. Network. Network. Network: NYC is the Mecca for a lot of careers including entertainment. Whether you’re interested in media, law, culinary arts and really anything, New York is a great place to network. Be sure to mix and mingle with those movers and shakers in your field, as it will be a healthy... Read more »

Brittany Murphy's Husband Found Dead

Nearly five months after the death of Britany Murphy, british screenwriter, Simon Monjack, was found at his LA home dead due to natural causes, stated police. “We concluded there no signs of foul play or any criminal activity involved,” said Sgt. Alex Ortiz, another police spokesman. An emergency call to firefighters was patched in around... Read more »


Yes, we’re saps, we know but the finale of Grey’s Anatomy was awesome! All week we’d been watching the preview wondering what was up with Gary Clark shooting up the hospital. We couldn’t believe he shot Lexie, who was on his list of targets responsible for pulling the plug on his wife this season. SWAT... Read more »

Justin Bieber's BET Aftermath

In less than 48 hours of us attending the BET press conference there is buzz of people being unhappy about Justin Bieber’s nominationin the category of Best New Artist for BET’s 2010 Music Awards. Not only that, many seem to also have a problem with Diddy supporting the movement. We have the exclusive video from... Read more »