About 50 industry socialites packed into an undisclosed Chicago restaurant Sunday evening to mix and mingle with a group of talented actors and actresses.

Everyone we talked to had nothing but positive things to say about Angela Barrow-Dunlap's latest theatre production Church Girl.


  The Detroit-native is no stranger to running things behind the curtains, previously writing hit plays like If These Hips Could Talk and My Brother. However, this time around, Angela found her inspiration in the real life story of her niece Sheena Williams, a former exotic dancer who completely turned her life around. Meeting Sheena in person, made it difficult to imagine such a timultous lifestyle, with her vibrant energy and painless smile present. The play follows a comparable character named Emily Franklin, daughter of a Pastor involved in mischief and deception and a link to a line of challenges in the industry Emily has surrendered to. Tony Grant has the role of her father Lamar Franklin, the corrupt Pastor and inmate turned politican seeking to improve the community he once spoiled. As a former member of R&B group Az Yet, runway model and long-time thespian, Tony acknowledges acting as his true calling. Sean Blakemore who carries the role as the antagonist known as Jacob Sinclaire, tells us Church Girl "is not your average cookie cutter gospel play" After mixing and mingling with Sean we learned that he's not your average cookie cutter actor either. He has an incredible talent in the fine art of painting and drawing, showcasing a recent skillful work of art to prove it. By far, Angela proves she shares an incredible talent for drawing up her own visions of a perfect cast. Classic R&B crooner Angela Winbush belted out her vocal instrument for the Church Girl audience much like she did when she commanded the 90s R&B charts. Super star actresess Robin Givens and Drew Sidora also play vital roles in re-telling this amazing story. We chatted with Drew at the Meet & Greet about staying aboard the cast in September for the start of the next Tour.

Church Girl has graced the stages of eleven cities during the closing Spring Tour including Jacksonville, Baltimore, Washington, and Houston. Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming dates and cities.


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