Yes, we're saps, we know but the finale of Grey's Anatomy was awesome! All week we'd been watching the preview wondering what was up with Gary Clark shooting up the hospital. We couldn't believe he shot Lexie, who was on his list of targets responsible for pulling the plug on his wife this season. SWAT takes him down with a shot but he flees anyway. Clark is running the show the way he's running the hospital, in sick revenge. OMG! When Lexie's sister Meredith surrenders herself, asking Clark to kill her, we really couldn't move our eyeballs from the screen.

We thought the first episode was intense, but gee golly whiz the second one was far more engaging. If you've never seen an episode of Grey's Anatomy, you've surely cheated yourself
out of an excellent season. However, I'll bet you top dollar you wouldn't have touched the remote control during this final show. Our fellow GA fans, were Facebook'ing and Tweeting away on the series of events happening on the show. Although other vlog sites will spill the beans on what happened last night, we've got the GA fans in mind who Tivo'd the show, plan to catch it later and don't want the details dished just yet. Word of sure to pack your box of soft tissues because this finale will send the toughest spirit into a track of tears.
If you watched last night, please share your thoughts of the finale. Was it as good as you thought it would be? No cliffhanger this year. Are you disappointed?

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