Do's and Don'ts When Traveling To NYC


5. Network. Network. Network: NYC is the Mecca for a lot of careers including entertainment. Whether you're interested in media, law, culinary arts and really anything, New York is a great place to network. Be sure to mix and mingle with those movers and shakers in your field, as it will be a healthy benefit to you in the future.

4. Have Friends That Live in NYC: Don't tackle NY alone. You need someone to give you real recommendations on places to eat, drink, party, sleep, whatever!! Online reviews are good but you need someone who can tell you the real deal on the hot spots in the city.


3. Experience New York: Don't stay cooped in the hotel room. Get out and see the great sights that New York is known for like Times Square, Central Park, Empire State Building, Ellis Island, Madison Square Garden, etc. Take plenty of pictures!!

2. Your Homework of the city: New York is a big city made up of different parts and jurisdictions. Be sure to have a clear understanding of how the cross streets run because the cab drivers don't always have the answers. Getting to and fro a destination will slow you down trying to look up directions on your smart phone.

1. Enjoy the sharp and swanky restaurants in the airports: New York has a plethora of contemporary dine-in options in the airport. We ate at Aero Nuova in the JFK Airport which was the only highlight of traveling through it. The food, drinks and service were absolutely perfect. We had to tell the manager, Justin, how great our server Jessica treated us as patrons. We'll definitely be back some time!


5. Get taken advantage of by the street vendors. They work by the masses selling knock off purses, perfume, jewelry, and whatever else they think people will buy. Buyers beware!! Purchase at your own discretion.

4. Look Like A Tourist. NYC is full of chic socialites, power players, walking suits and a


host of other categories. Walking slowly with a map in hand, toting camera and binoculars around your neck is a dead give-a-away that you don't belong to the city. Blending in is your best option.

3. Forget Your Checkbook and Debit Card: Everything and we do mean everything in New York is marked up in price. The 14% taxes are insane creating frowns every time you make a transaction. From the local drug store to your local restaurant, you'll find high prices and high tax tacked on. We checked out of our hotel and found a line-up of miscellaneous taxes totaling nearly 40 bucks!!


 2. Be Impatient in getting to your destination: We  spent more than 30 minutes flagging down a cab in the cold rain and we still were unsuccessful. The bad part hundreds of them passed by with passengers in them while a few empty cabs just weren't paying attention. We flagged and flagged but didn't get lucky until a cab pulled up dropping off a passenger.

1. Fly into JFK Airport: If you can help it; avoid this airport for any and all business trips or fun excursions into the city. The airport is ridiculously designed, giving each Airline its own full concourse in the floor plan. We flew Jet Blue and had to walk forever and take the Airtrain.


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  • I'm planning a trip to NY next summer, just me and my friend. We don't know anyone from NY. Can you tell me any hotspots, etc. ?

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