New Leaders Needed...ASAP! Apply Within

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Alderman Walter Burnett and Mayor Daley

Our nation is in crisis these days! So, there is nothing more despicable than someone posing as a positive Community Influence to only seek the monetary benefits from it. Recently we held a Studio Production for our show hoping to get one community leader to give hope, insight and an encouraging word to our viewers who make up the community. Like we've done a number of times in the past, we set out to approach a pack of well known community leaders to address our viewers during this special segment on our show. We reached out to the Mayor, local Aldermen & Women, Politicians, Community TV Personalities and Advocates that have assisted during crisis within the community. In the past, we've also sought out personal assistance as we work to make a difference as business owners. Nevertheless, these self righteous individuals were appointed to make a difference in the lives of the community and the nation at best. However, it seems they're obligations are ignored as they seem to selfishly find concern in themselves. Here are the ways that community leaders and advocates DON'T make a difference:


THEY LOSE SIGHT OF WHAT THEY SIGNED UP FOR.... Is it the healthy paycheck or the notoriety that prompts someone to run for office? What happens if they fail to be effective in the community? We need to offer exams and pop quizzes for these movers and shakers to keep them aware of what's to be done. If you can't handle it, step aside.

STEAL FROM THE POOR, TO MAKE THEM RICH...Like other areas, Chicago citizens are losing their jobs everyday while our leaders sit back like 'fats rats' cashing paychecks every two weeks. Our community stands in unemployment lines for hours and our leaders have the financial freedom to do what they please. In February, Mayor Daley sought out two candidates to fill city council seats with 110k salaries??!!!! What exactly are WE paying them to do???

THE DEATH TOLLS ARE HEINOUS...Our community cries for help as they lose loved ones everyday. No area has become completely safe from mortality but our community leaders hang up the suits and ties and seem to sleep easy at night. No methods of effective improvement are taken into action. Who will protect our children, especially when there's acknowledgement of present danger

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THEY DON'T AVAIL THEMSELVES...We've reached out to Aldermen, the Mayor, and community advocates for opportunities to make a difference and let the public know that they care. We set a platform for them to practice what they preach and they NEVER responded. So if our leaders are TOO busy to make a difference, will the community continue to suffer? (Unfortunately, that was a rhetorical question)



TOO INTERESTED IN FAME...We were raised on the phrase "Don't talk about it, be about it". On the other hand, we see several of these so called "Advocates" and "Leaders" more on CNN, FOX NEWS, MSNBC and others TALKING about ways to improve the community but never see them actually out IMPLEMENTING those changes. We have come to realize that being in front of the camera and photography lens is what's most important. Case in point: Our old Governor, Blagojevich.

PRETEND THAT THEY CARE.....You would be surprised how many of these Leaders we've witnessed post faux inspirational quotes or their outrage on community news all the while targeting the hearts of the community. While we personally can attest that they could CARE LESS about a positive message but more about how many hits (people) they are receiving on their Facebook, MySpace, Blog, and social sites on a daily basis.

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THEY ARENT CONCERNED WITH THE NEWS UNTIL THEY BECOME THE NEWS....It is a shame that it takes a personal tragedy for a person to become sensitive to the angst of the community. People continue to lose loved ones everyday as they encounter deaf ears and blind eyes. With the communities out of control, it is just a matter of time that the violence will hit close to home. Community Leaders aren't exempt to this rule. However, they are disinterested in making changes until they get hit with adversity. Even then we wonder if their sentiments are genuine or are they attempting to get additional camera time so that they can have more public followers in order to get money from advertisers.

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IMPOSING RIDICULOUS LAWS, TAXES, AND POLICIES.....How many times have you been harassed by a cop in Chicago doing nothing more than speeding or even something as harmless as walking down the street? We are pretty sure several! However, the people that are committing the TRUE crimes are still running the streets. A lot of laws, taxes and policies are imposed on hard working citizens which makes it complicated to survive in an already tough city. If the Mayor, Aldermen & Women, Politicians, Community TV Personalities and Advocates would stop being crooks themselves, get their heads out of their butts and make some positive moves then we can all live well.

You be the judge.....Are they Community Advocates or Media Savages???


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