Flip Your Lens: Flair TV Studio's

Being Executive Producers for a television show can be hard without a full team to assist you within other areas. However, on April 10th we had the pleasure to work with a crew of dedicated people on our Flair TV Rewind Episode. This year we decided to kick it up a notch and put together an hour long special inside a television studio. Although the pre-production presented grueling road block such as; Community Leaders and/or activist not practicing what they preach, musical guests wanting astronomical fees for a interview and performance, and industry counterparts not proving friendly help, as always. Nevertheless, the end result was phenomenal! On a side note: We can not wait to open up Flair TV Studio's....that has a nice ring to it.

Check out the photos below to see the wonderful time that we had! Also, be sure to continue to check out www.whatsyourflair.com to see when the Flair TV Rewind Episode will be released


Photos by Melissa Morley


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