Within the past 24 hours many Hip Hop lovers learned that a pioneer of Hip Hop/Jazz was


taken away too soon after suffering a long battle of cancer. I was too young to experience Guru's music first hand but I can feel the love many had for him. Witnessing the countless comments left on Facebook, Twitter, and Yahoo stating:

"Jus found out Guru passed. Makes me question my own mortality. I fondly remember picking him up from the airport in '97 for his Jazzmataz concert at the Metro. R.I.P Guru"

"Loved me so Guru and the Jazzmatazz albums. You will be missed. A real MC with a voice like no other and mad skills to match. R.I.P. Guru."


After seeing the droves of people morn his death I am confused as to how he seemed to be under appreciated now-a-days. With so many horrible rappers out on the market, there should definitely still be a place for Guru and many more rappers like him. Think of it like this: If we supported talented rappers and spoke out in the same amount of numbers we are morning Gurus death; then we would have more rappers to keep Guru's legacy alive. It baffles me that the same people that are complaining about not having quality rappers are the same ones buying the crap on the shelves today.


Fans do have a voice!

This is the same voice that is expressing suspicion about the letter that was allegedly written before Guru passed. Many believe that Solar is attempting to create controversy behind the late rappers death and do not take the words that were expressed in that letter as gospel. (If true, then shame on Solar)

However, you may continue to encounter people posting pictures, videos, and their personal experiences in honor of Guru. My only wish: Is that this tragedy will get people to come together and revert back to THE TRUE MEANING OF HIP HOP.

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