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Sandra Bullock's Bouncing Baby Boy

We’re so proud of Sandra Bullock. The happiness she’s gaining from the adoption of her baby boy is well deserved. She’s had enough on her mind for the last few weeks, dealing with a cheating husband and the process of moving on from it. The media’s all hyped up over the 3-month-old New Orleans baby, Louis, she’s been anticipated as... Read more »

New Leaders Needed...ASAP! Apply Within

Alderman Walter Burnett and Mayor Daley Our nation is in crisis these days! So, there is nothing more despicable than someone posing as a positive Community Influence to only seek the monetary benefits from it. Recently we held a Studio Production for our show hoping to get one community leader to give hope, insight and an... Read more »


Within the past 24 hours many Hip Hop lovers learned that a pioneer of Hip Hop/Jazz was taken away too soon after suffering a long battle of cancer. I was too young to experience Guru’s music first hand but I can feel the love many had for him. Witnessing the countless comments left on Facebook,... Read more »

Flip Your Lens: Flair TV Studio's

Being Executive Producers for a television show can be hard without a full team to assist you within other areas. However, on April 10th we had the pleasure to work with a crew of dedicated people on our Flair TV Rewind Episode. This year we decided to kick it up a notch and put together... Read more »

'Designing Women' Actress Dies

Dixie Carter, who was well known for her role as Julia on TV sitcom Designing Women, dies at 70. Designing Women was a sitcom that ran in the late 80’s to the early 90’s, that reminded me of a pre-Sex & The City Era. Although Designing Women tackled more sensitive issues for its time, it... Read more »

Lucille and Shaquille O'Neal in Chicago

Flair TV has adopted Lucille O’Neal as a mother and Shaquille O’Neal as our big brother. It was our pleasure to meet such a warm and insightful woman. Lucille was in Chicago last night promoting her book “Walk Like You Have Somewhere to Go”. The book is a tell-all and memoir about her path in life. We were... Read more »

Flair TV Interviews Lyfe Jennings

Goodness! It has been a busy week for us. Not only are we in the midst of preparing for a huge production but we are picking up on attending events. While we have a moment to breathe we wanted to share with you some goodies! We had the opportunity to chat with R&B’s most soulful... Read more »