MATH LESSON: X=Beyonce+Lady Gaga; X=Foolishness

Lady G and Bey in the same mathematical equation...Yikes!...Being proactive in exercising the buddy system, we fully believe in the Power of the Duo in most situations except this one. Beyonce and Lady Gaga must've pinky swore they'd feature each other on their latest projects. Bey, as her fans and the simple-minded media have coined her, recycled her "Video Phone" track to add a verse just for Lady Gaga to have a part. Beyonce's regular sex kitten act left Lady Gaga with no choice but to follow suit with the predictable body suit and overly erotic dance choreography throughout the video. It's like waching your local strip club 'On Demand" on your Comcast box. And yes, Comcast should have paid us for that plug.

Then there's Lady Gaga's freakish project that Beyonce participated in to hold up her part of the bargain for the song "Telephone". It likes a team of people sat around and thought "what's the craziest mess we could ever put into a music video?"...Guess what? They figured it out.

Female inmates. Weird Costumes. Nudity. Product Placement. Bad Acting. Poisoning. Murder. 

All of this takes place in a 9:30 music video that can easily be mistaken for a short film.  What do you think? Is it too much? Or are you a dying fan no matter how weird they get with their video concepts?


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