Flip Your Lens: TV Production 101

If you don't know anything about what we do....please note this...we work HARD!! We eat, sleep, and breath Flair TV all day and all night. Being an entrepreneur is a full-time job where the hours are long and unpredictable and the salary can use improvement leaving a person doing more working than earning. On the brighter side, it's still the MOST rewarding feeling to work for yourself and invest in your business with the motivating factors of major success in the future.



Research...Research...Research: We research people and places across the country who we find to be interesting subjects for our viewers. We keep our eyes peeled and our ears on the pavement for any major happenings here in Chicago and beyond. We also take the time to dissect events and profiles to ensure we are not highlighting and promoting media that defamates the Flair TV brand.

Secure The Interview: Some management, publicists and promoters make this process a Nightmare on Elm St. with the narcissitic egos and chronic procrastination. It's obviously necessary for us to make innumerable calls and send a plethora of email messages until someone decides they feel like managing, publicizing, and promoting like they are paid to do. Nevertheless, there are those who don't even bother to check our credentials. Instead they shoot us a 'NO' without consideration. It's not everybody, but most of them give these same issues.

Editing The Show: Although the show has a distinct look, we try to implement a new level of creativity for every episode which features 6-8 short segments. We sift through hours of footage, dissecting the content that's most useable. In a different and less creative world, we could dump the footage into the computer and throw unedited clips on the web and on our show in no time flat.  Although this is a growing trend in the TV industry, we take pride in bringing quality videos with visual appeal, great graphics, and an overall stellar presentation.

Adding To The Website: Converting videos to the site is a MUST as we prefer to keep a variety of interchanging content for people to see all across the country. Often times, website content is completely different than the broadcast content, offering our viewers and clients another platform for entertainment. It's like we're running to shows!! The layout, the photos, and the articles have to be changed. We have a standard to meet.


Out of all that we do, day in and day out...we run into people who are unclear on what we DON'T do! All we have ever focused on is Television entertainment, but somehow we appear to work in other areas.  For the record we:

...Are not Music Producers or a Record Label. Where this came from we don't know. Even family members have recommended talented artists for deals with us. How Flair TV sounds like a record label...we don't know...lol

...Are not Freelance Videographers. We do not document special occasions, as we are an entertainment show that highlights local and celebrity talent. We've been asked to cover Baby Showers, Sweet 16 parties, Class Reunions, Going Away Parties, nightclub videos and the list goes on. Flair TV is not here to record your life...instead we are here to make quality content for entertainment Television.

See the product of our labor at www.whatsyourflair.com.

-Chundria & Nekia Nichelle



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