Entertainment Wise: Beyonce says "All The PREGNANT ladies..."

We were just talking about Beyonce and her latest over-dramatic presentations. Nooow the rumor mill is churning about her being PREGNANT!...And for real this time. They say Jay-z is going to be a Dad and Solange is going to get to be the Auntie for a change. Maybe that's why Beyonce's been putting in overtime with the back-to-back albums, innumerable song releases, and global tours. There's no sign of a baby bump just yet so it's hard to really know if the reports are true. This won't be the first time the media made false allegations about Jay-z Jr. coming into the world. Both artists of are at the height of their careers, so maybe now is a good time to start a family. Do you believe she's pregos or do you think this is another ploy from the media?


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