Dakota Fanning's old enough for Media Drama! How sweet...

Dakota Fanning is trying to grow up on us. For years she's been the little girl with the awkward beauty reflected by her hollow eyes and chilling roles. We've watched her play the crying, kicking, screaming little girl in 90% of her roles. Hands down...her role in The Secret Life of Bees is my super favorite of all her roles.  Maybe that's because I liked the book and the movie so much...Anyhow, the other day, the commercial for her new movie Runaways was a tap on the shoulder to get my attention. The first thing I did was Google her age, as I must admit that I'm a Google fanatic. I'll Google you reading this if I really want to know more about you. Anyhow, so Dakota is 16 now and looking more like a lady or at least the replica of one. Doing what puts me in the mind of Amanda Bynes for some odd reason, there's buzz in the media about some kissing scene she did with her co-star Kristen Stewart. You know how the media can be?? And I say that totally separating myself from them just for this article..lol. They are blowing up the fact that Dakota shows up to the New York premiere last week holding hands with Kristen Stewart. I understand their urge to squint their eye brows like Scooby Doo would  when's he saying "Rut Ro"...I'm just saying "Watch out, Dakota!" Tomorrow, they'll have rumors about you eloping with the girl in Vegas and adopting a Black baby.

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