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This Weekend: America's Beauty Show

This weekend was a beneficial one if you are a hairstylist! Flair TV decided to do something different and attend the America’s Beauty Show. However, we were not prepared for the massive amount of people in the beauty business from all over the world. During this 6 hour production we were able to secure some... Read more »

Entertainment Wise: Beyonce says "All The PREGNANT ladies..."

We were just talking about Beyonce and her latest over-dramatic presentations. Nooow the rumor mill is churning about her being PREGNANT!…And for real this time. They say Jay-z is going to be a Dad and Solange is going to get to be the Auntie for a change. Maybe that’s why Beyonce’s been putting in overtime with the back-to-back albums,... Read more »

MATH LESSON: X=Beyonce+Lady Gaga; X=Foolishness

Lady G and Bey in the same mathematical equation…Yikes!…Being proactive in exercising the buddy system, we fully believe in the Power of the Duo in most situations except this one. Beyonce and Lady Gaga must’ve pinky swore they’d feature each other on their latest projects. Bey, as her fans and the simple-minded media have coined her,... Read more »

Dakota Fanning's old enough for Media Drama! How sweet...

Dakota Fanning is trying to grow up on us. For years she’s been the little girl with the awkward beauty reflected by her hollow eyes and chilling roles. We’ve watched her play the crying, kicking, screaming little girl in 90% of her roles. Hands down…her role in The Secret Life of Bees is my super... Read more »

Greenlight On Healthcare Reform

After witnessing more catfights than we’ve seen staged on daytime entertainment television, we felt that our politicans have given us a reason to allot them an entry on our entertainment driven blog. The Healthcare Reform debate has been a long and arduous one since Obama transformed to Mr. President but last night for some history has been... Read more »

Flair TV Interviews Chrisette Michele

On Wednesday March 10th we had the pleasure of interviewing songbird Chrisette Michele. I am excited to share these photos with my fellow real music lovers. Chrisette sang her heart away at the sold out show and patrons definitely got their monies worth. Chundria and I decided to share the photos with you before we... Read more »

Entertainment Wise: Reality Bites

Frankie & Tiny & Toya are The Desperate Housewives of Atlanta competing to be America’s Next Top Model. The Bad Girls Club is looking For The Love of Ray J. Who wouldn’t want a Real Chance of Love?  Too bad the Flavor of Love is bitter. In the Real World, you’ve got to go... Read more »

Flip Your Lens: TV Production 101

If you don’t know anything about what we do….please note this…we work HARD!! We eat, sleep, and breath Flair TV all day and all night. Being an entrepreneur is a full-time job where the hours are long and unpredictable and the salary can use improvement leaving a person doing more working than earning. On the... Read more »