The 2010 Olympics: The New Soap Opera

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Ever since I was a little girl the Olympics have been a staple event that happens every four years. Several different competitors from all over the world have practiced and trained endlessly to ensure they take home a medal that signifies their dedication and hard work. So why is the media trying to turn the Olympics into All My Children?

Since the Olympics have been the trending topic in entertainment, I have witnessed the ridiculous media headlines:

  • A figure skaters competing while five months pregnant
  • Ohno.jpg

    Determining the maternity of who Ohno's mother is

  • Evan Lysacek's new girlfriend

What relevance does the competitor's personal life actually have to do with the competition? Frankly, I think the media is pulling for straws in order to attract more viewers. One article that I read indicated that on Wednesday the ratings for the Olympics oust "Idol" from TV ratings throne. I assume causing more drama within this years competition couldn't hurt that outcome. Honestly, I could care less about their personal lives however it seems that every second the media attempts to throw it down our throats and not focus on the competition at hand.

I recall when Michael Phelps' drama was shoved down our throats. It seemed as


though every where I turned he was there; on Oprah, on a T-Shirt, on my damn box of Wheaties...... the media constantly put him on a pedestal. Then they got into his personal life and didn't like what they saw. They witnessed Michael smoking some ganja and damn near caste the boy out of the country. No, I am not condoning his behavior but some media outlets can be Drama Queens & Kings.

If you can take something as mundane as the Olympics and find drama out of it, you are a Drama Queen or King. I wish they would just let these people compete and go home....Geesh!

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