Pimping Your Kids.......?

Being in the entertainment industry you encounter many despicable things; things I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. However, I find it even more despicable when I see people use their kids in order to have their 15 mins of fame.



We all remember the situation about the little boy that had allegedly hid from his family in a hot air balloon.

Magically the boy was able to release himself into the air and soar at increasingly high speeds, which caused a national scare for his life. After much investigation, we learned that it was all made up by the parents for attention.


Speaking of attention, Jon & Kate Goselin are the King and Queen of pimping out their kids. Shoving their children in front of a camera since birth has given them the attention and money that they want. Now, Octomom is following suit! She deems herself worthy of a reality show because she has given birth to 8 children minus the father.

I am so disgusted by this behavior and I think it should be against the law! Children are the purest form of a human being that you will find and to see adults have them do derogatory things for their personal gain sicken me. Recently, I have seen a number of Youtube videos where parents find it cute to have BABIES mimicking Beyonce's dance moves or the Stanky Leg (for all that don't know is a dance move as well).

I do not find it cute or appropriate to see a 1 year old grinding on the living room floor like Beyonce. 

What are we teaching our children? Not a damn thing! That is the problem. We are so quick to throw them in front of a camera and have them lie, cheat, steal, act a fool or act grown but have not taught the child their ABC's. How is a video with 8 million views going to assist that child with getting into college? Or find a job? It won't! It is only going to assist the parents in obtaining an unnecessary reality show. All I am saying is, "Don't pimp a child out of their childhood"


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  • You hit the nail on the head with this one! Some people really need classes before bearing children.

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