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The 2010 Olympics: The New Soap Opera

Ever since I was a little girl the Olympics have been a staple event that happens every four years. Several different competitors from all over the world have practiced and trained endlessly to ensure they take home a medal that signifies their dedication and hard work. So why is the media trying to turn the... Read more »

Flip Your Lens: Introduction

For a few years, we’ve placed ourselves in front of the lens, hosting Flair TV and creating some of the best content in entertainment. We’ve waited for that red light on the camera to be the cue for some of the greatest moments with our celebrity guests. Rightfully so, we share those moments with the... Read more »

Entertaiment Wise: WE ARE THE WORLD...REMIXED?!!

OMG! Have you heard about the newly remixed version of the 1985 classic song “We Are The World”? Minus MJ who wrote most of the song, Lionel Richie and super producer Quicy Jones teamed up a second time to recreate the song for the People of Haiti. The old school version was sung by more... Read more »

Valentine's Day Events & Ideas

With V-Day just around the corner, I thought that I would spread the love by sharing some great events and ideas that you can do with your loved one. Don’t worry…..for those who are single I have some advice for you too! For The Love Birds Dinner: If you can endure the long waits and... Read more »

He Likes It. Will You Let Him Put A Ring On It?

The other day I was driving and listening to Chicago Radio. The Personalities posed the question: Are Women programmed to say YES to a wedding proposal? I squinched my eyes, and even asked out loud “Programmed????!!!” They made women sound like robotic creatures from another planet seeking out the first available man to spend the... Read more »

Pimping Your Kids.......?

Being in the entertainment industry you encounter many despicable things; things I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. However, I find it even more despicable when I see people use their kids in order to have their 15 mins of fame.   We all remember the situation about the little boy that had allegedly hid... Read more »


Last night, BET was up to their same old tricks: creating humdrum content for the black folks!. lol Yes, that’s who they target right? They work sooooo hard to bring the effortlessly ghetto reality show jargon: The catfights, drug addicts, ebonics, and all-around foolishness. However, from time to time BET execs like to cater to the billigerently dignified... Read more »