He Likes It. Will You Let Him Put A Ring On It?

The other day I was driving and listening to Chicago Radio. The Personalities posed the question: Are Women programmed to say YES to a wedding proposal?


I squinched my eyes, and even asked out loud "Programmed????!!!"
They made women sound like robotic creatures from another planet seeking
out the first available man to spend the rest of our lives with.
However, I do know a handful of women who hit 30 and went into a
scavenger hunt for the next eligible, heterosexual bachelor. They
submissively accepted his proposal and the shenanigans that came with
the combo meal.  I vividly remember a close


friend of mine fighting and
arguing with her fiancee' nearly everyday while planning a
beautifully extravagant wedding for 250 guests. WTH!!!?? Yes, that's
what I was thinking when she'd tell me crazy stories of his ridiculous
behavior and then asked my opinion on bridesmaid dresses. Then there's the woman I know who was engaged after two months and then rushed to plan a Spring wedding.  The ceremony brought 700 guests and now the couple act they barely like each other.


Do we
really lower our standards to get to the altar? Are we too picky? Are we
subjected to society's standards of marriage and babies by a certain

 Maybe. Maybe not....but I'll go back to maybe.  My Grandma
thinks  I'm too old to be without a husband and children of my own. I
take into consideration that she was born in 1925, acknowledging that its now 2010, and that times have changed.  Women are in high-powered positions
and like Nekia and I, their careers take the place of husbands and
babies. Regardless of race or career choice, a lot of women are feeling the pressure. 

QUESTION: Let's say there's a woman who's dating a
man who she's developed feelings for, but isn't quite ready for
marriage.  The guy gets down on bended knee with a sincere proposal. Do you think she will say YES, expecting to grow to
love him in time or say NO, sharing her true feelings about


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