Entertaiment Wise: WE ARE THE WORLD...REMIXED?!!

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OMG! Have you heard about the newly remixed version of the 1985 classic song "We Are The World"? Minus MJ who wrote most of the song, Lionel Richie and super producer Quicy Jones teamed up a second time to recreate the song for the People of Haiti. The old school version was sung by more than 45 voices including greats like: Ray Charles, Billy Joel, Diana Ross, Tina Turner, Cyndi Lauper, Smoky Robinson, Bruce Springsteen and more.

However, the new school line-up features a multitude of somebody's favorite Pop, R&B, & Hip Hop artists like: Miley Cyrus, Gladys Knight, Pink, Jamie Foxx, Rob Thomas, Jennifer Hudson, Usher, Lady GaGa, Celine Dion, and so many more.  They have definitely put a new, let's say, spin on the track. Although, it features the same meaningful lyrics MJ wrote 25 years ago, LL Cool J, Kanye West, Snoop Dogg, & Swizz Beatz went against the grain by adding a rap verse. A rap verse??!! Auto-tune on We Are The World??!! Seriously??!!

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We assume Quicy gave the green light for Lil Wayne & T-Pain to offer the same un-enuciated lyrics we're used to. Wyclelf Jean gave tribute to his heritage by being apart of the remix with his native yelps and screams which seemed more like an attention grabber than anything. So let us get this straight...the mission behind it all was to put 50 filthy rich artists in a room to record a song that will be bought by low and middle class citizens...so those proceeds will go to Haiti?? HOW BIZARRE!!

A friend of ours brought up a good point. If these artists want to help Haiti so badly they should scratch the studio time and trade in one those fancy cars and chains to send cash to the People of Haiti....The entertainment industry is so retarded for thinking that hosting big concerts will be the solution. They need to get out of the poor people's pockets for a change and dig into these million dollar salaries. Lil Wayne, T-pain, & oh and let's say Barbara Streisand couldn't go into their checking accounts and pull out a cool million and write it off next year? Yes, they can, but will they? Lil Wayne makes 70k for one show!!! Instead the ten hour studio session helps them sleep peacefully at night. Quincy should have scratched the whole idea and collected 30 or 40 grand from all of these big celebrities. There's some real help for Haiti and some artist jumping all over the stage and going home to their frivolous lifestyles is not the help that they need. What are your thoughts?


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  • OHHHHH Please! How is this different than when they did the original WATH? Guess they shouldn't have made the song then either huh?
    And what about the $50,000 that each artist paid to be on the song?
    Did you research to see how many of those artists on the song have made public contributions to Haiti relief?
    How about some info on that?
    Speaking of Haiti relief, you should come to what is looking to be an excellent benefit concert this Sunday in Rogers Park, check the link for details. http://www.yelp.com/events/chicago-haiti-relief-benefit-concert

  • In reply to CHOPFIRE:

    Chopfire, OHHHH Please! I am sure we are not the only ones that share the same sentiments about the WATW video. Not only did Jay-Z and Common think that it is an untouchable, timeless, classic, BUT I am highly confident that most people could agree that the artist could have chosen a better way to show that they care.

    Lastly, you claim that these artists paid $50,000 to be on the song. Then why in the world would we need to donate our money or they would need to use the money they make off the song for Haiti???!!! Uh, that sounds a little retarded to me. Please send me the link with information instead of a link regarding your event! You sound a lot like these artists that we are talking about, pretending to care about Haiti but really want to promote your own ventures.

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