Last night, BET was up to their same old tricks: creating humdrum content for the black folks!. lol Yes, that's who they target right? They work sooooo hard to bring the effortlessly ghetto reality show jargon: The catfights, drug addicts, ebonics, and all-around foolishness. However, from time to time BET execs like to cater to the billigerently dignified rooty poot black folks in power who are embarrassed by that ridiculous showcase.

So last night was the time to feed the snooty people of the world with The BET Honors. I don't have much to least much that's positive. I've always heard the saying "If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all". Nahhhhh, I'm kidding...Here's a brief little recap of the show on a few things that bugged me the most...but keep in mind like Nekia, I too have a short attention span and didn't make it through the whole program.  




Gabrielle Union hosted the show in her always perfectly regal appearance. Just once, Nekia and I would love to see her come of out of  her reserved element. She totes this Princess act with her on and off the camera. We've met her in person. Anyhow, she did the quickest show opener in the history of awards show and then took time to plug a new project she's working on. I don't think she was even up there a whole minute. Before I could blink twice, she was presenting Taraji P. Henson to highlight Queen Latifah.

Tribute to Queen Latifah Taraji comes out loud, cheery and obnoxious..just the way BET likes it despite the evening gown. She's runs through Queen's bio and says "She's the one who taught us to say 'Who you callin' a--?' and proceeds to censor herself. She whooping and


cheering like she's at a football game and speaking causally like she's at a family cookout. However, I became even more concerned with Jazmine Sullivan and Patti Labelle's musical  tribute that didn't include any of Queen's songs. I still wonder...Who does a musical tribute for someone without singing one of their songs?????? I know female rappers are scarce these days, but they could have found somebody to take a stab at one of her classic songs.

Stevie Wonder singing a line of Trey Songz "I Invented Sex" How dare Trey Songz corrupt our Stevie Wonder like that?? lol.. The man has records older than Trey and his Mom and he's putting his mic up to Stevie's mouth to finish the lines to a new age song about having great sex with somebody he just met at a club. I assumed he

wasn't thinking clearly...probably caught up in all of the excitement of Stevie being there with him. Everybody knows the industry has made Trey's head swell ten times its size. Nekia and I have intereviewed him and he's a cool dude...BUT!! The fact remains...we should be learning from the greats and not the other way around. Thats like the kids teaching Grandma how to do the "Stanky Leg" dance at the family reunion. Just let Grandma school you and apply what you learn to your life. Period.

Kim Burrell jammed for Whitney Houston's tribute. OMG I have always loved Kim Burrell's voice. If you don't know, she's a gospel singer with a hearty voice like no other I've heard. She performed a renditon of Whitney's :"I Believe In You" Simply beautiful, I must say and Whitney obviously agreed. She was humbled and receptive to being honored. Less than an hour before the show even ends, there's buzz from peons stirring up mess about her looking like she's still on drugs. Let the women enjoy her show. Maybe it was too soon for BET to honor her. The media and its junkies can be so she's got to deal with all this mess again. Can she just live??

Until next year...maybe Nekia and I will be there to shake things up...

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  • Because of a) my disappointment with BET over the last ten years, and b) family duties, I missed most of the BET Honors. I did see Kim Burrell take Whitney's "I Believe In You And Me" to another stratosphere. Whit had ever right to behave like a chicken who escaped from KFC (sorry, but true!) when Kim was singing. She's Whitney's favorite artist.

    I missed the Trey Songz debacle, and the Queen's hip-hop-less tribute, but I'm sure BET will play the program again in about....5...4...3...2...1....look, it's on!

  • In reply to silkysoul:

    SilkySoul, you made me laugh with the 'chicken from KFC' bit. Kim Burrell is of one of my favorite artists, too. Although, you didn't see it, rest assured that you didn't miss much.
    Like you said, it will re-run for the rest of the month, so you'll have plenty of opportunity to watch it again.

  • In reply to silkysoul:

    I'm new to your blog but I had to reply after reading this on the BET Honors. Why are you being so negative about it? I personally don't like BET but at least with this show it's something uplifting and inspiring but with your review of it you don't mention that. I'm reading your reply as you said that the person didn't miss much..... so Dr. Keith Black and Ruth Simmons aren't much? What's wrong with you? And let me address you negative review on Taraji and Trey Songz. Taraji was not whooping and hollering in fact she was very articulate. She was the very depictin of what Queen Latifah meant to her. As for Trey Songz, it was special. To be singing with a legend like Stevie is huge and then to have that legend have so much respect for you to sing your song is even better. Do you not understand that Stevie wanted to sing "Invented Sex" and for him that moment was a highlight. I've been around Trey in an working enviroment and he's nothing but humble and respectful so before you make random comments about somebody's head being swelled you make sure you know them before you comment. Overall I found your review to be nothing but subjective. You only wanted readers to know the negatives and none of the positives and that's not cool. Please do better.

  • In reply to silkysoul:

    Sorry but I forgot to mention the honorees get to pick who they want to honor them. So Latifah requested them. This was not a tribute to her music career this was a tribute to her in accomplishments in the media..... so why would they perform one of her songs???? If you watched the shows the past couple of years they never do that. Why is that so hard to comprehend?

  • In reply to amcra1:

    Wow! If I didn't know any better, girl, I'd think you worked for BET Networks. That's the beautiful part of life: being entitled to your own opinion...and this blog gives me a platform to share it. I do agree that the entire show wasn't negative and there were some positive parts. However, the industry and its followers give BET enough praise for its content. Personally, I'm not impressed by one somewhat poised program amongst a line-up of foolish content.
    I wasn't even compelled to watch the entire program after witnessing what I did see. If you compare BET's award shows to, let's say....The Grammy's...The Osar's...The Emmy's...
    I guarantee you'll see a difference other than faces. I respect your feelings about the program and accept them as your own. So you didn't think Taraji could have been a little more reserved for this occassion?...So be it...You don't think those paying tribute to Queen Latifah through should actually cover one of her Rap or Jazz tunes? So be it...My comment on Trey Songz was not an attack on his character. I don't think I really need to know him personally in order to form an opinion about Stevie singing "I invented Sex" ...and that's just my opinion...thanks in advance for respecting it.

  • In reply to Chundria:

    I believe your opinions are a little shrewed. Do I like all that's on BET, heck no, but I give them much kudos for this show BET Honors. It's people short-sighted opinion/views like yours that makes Debra Lee and Stephen Hill put on the coonery we see on BET today. It was a great show worthy of your blog to mention that and make that a topic.... not the negative you saw. Plz sista I'm a journalist as well, but you gotta get it right.

  • In reply to amcra1:

    AMCRA, I think that you are missing the point of the whole blog. You are making it way more than what it needs to be. If you read CHOPFIRE's comment you may have a better insight of Chundria

  • In reply to Chundria:

    I actually did the Chicago promotions for the Honors show, and more often than not I got responses from people like, "eh another award show from BET, hope its not crap..", or something of that ilk. Personally I've been on a soft boycott of BET for the past 5 years, and feel you are right on point with the notion of their occasional pandering to the "snooty" people. Throw em a bone every 4 months or so to try to make educated folks momentarily forget that they are the epitome of all that is sad and unflattering of black media, and people in general.

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