Top 10 Reasons Why The Chicago "USELESS" League Sucks

As budding entreprenuers, we have networked with many people. During our premature stages, we were given an abundance of advice. Numerous people suggested we should seek assistance from the Chicago Urban League. At first, we were apprehensive but we read their mission statement on their website to find that assisting small businesses is what they regularly do.

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We were encouraged soooo strongly that it was a good idea. It's just like when someone keeps telling you about a certain restaurant. After awhile, you start to hear it from several people, and say "Ok, I better try this since I've heard it from more than one person."

When we reached out to the League not only on one but several occassions, we have come to uncover many flaws in thier whole organization. Read the top ten reasons of : Why We Think the Chicago "Useless"...oops, Urban League sucks

10. They plan special events, giving the impression that they are solely raising funds for entrepreneurship and the community. However, thousands of aspiring business owners go without assistance and the money we see must go to Next TV's airtime, and Cheryle's Senate campaign.

9. Their idea of networking is totally ridiculous. Their whole mission is to bring Chicago business people into one building to experience what they do. However, upon arrival you hear the music blasting and attendees booty-shaking on the dance floor. Who are you going to network with while the Old School Groove is pumping? Translation? They don't really want to talk to you.They want you to hear what they have to say and that's all. No questions. No comments. Just hear them and then dance and eat the refreshments and go home. Doesn't sound like a good night does it?

8.They host a TV show pretending to be a beacon to the community. Instead they are really using the popular medium of TV as a way to corrupt the masses. They don't really care about the needs of the community. However, they spend money for production, wardrobe, and hair to make themselves visually appealing.

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7. They petition to save our boys and men in the community from prison by having them mentored by business leaders, clergy, and other stakeholders. However, our precious boys and men continue to be lost in death, prison, homelessness, and economic depreciation. Exactly where are these boys and men they plan to help. Is it that few of them?


6. They claim to help individuals and families attain economic empowerment through employment, home ownership, entrepreneurship and wealth accumulation. However, the wealth seems to be accumulated only by The Chicago Urban League and Cheryle Jackson's wardrobe. The real estate market is still dwindling and the organization has yet to make entrepreneurship a solution to the city's economic decline.


5. The organization acts like a cult or sorority of some sort. They announce their concern to help the community. However, the only help really given is to those individuals directly involved in the organization. If you're there to serve the community, is it right to deny people who need your help?

4. You can't contact them. You visit their website and you'll see all the promises they make. As Chicago entrepreneurs, we know this best of all. Cheryle Jackson and her right hand board members don't return calls or emails unless it pertains to giving them more exposure and promotion. We did just that and still couldn't get a return call or email. So scratch that theory. Even if you help them, it doesn't guarantee you'll be helped.

3. They teach their followers and contributers to follow suit. Every single
person we've known directly related to the Urban League has not followed through on things they said they would do. Every one of them we've come in contact with have not wanted to help. One time in particular, we reached out to one of networking event planners about
recommending some people in production. I bet you think they said 'yes'? HA! They meant no when they never responded.

2. Their real initiative is all spelled out. They pretend to help the community and get financial support. They use that money to plan elaborate events in Chicago's premier venues and declare they are raising funds to help entrepreneurs. They say that helping
entrepreneurs will help create more jobs for the community. So people go to these events in masses, pay high ticket costs at times. They take that money and use it to produce and promote Cheryle's TV show. They shoot a few episodes highlight a few entrepreneurs who are obviously in the circle already. Cheryle Jackson gets her name and face out through the world of TV and then after less than six months Cheryle announces her run for Senate. Sounds like a full plan to us.

1. Cheryle Jackson is a TOTAL quack. Anyone who comes up with some harsh plan for personal gain needs to have her brain checked. The community is hurting enough on its own.

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We don't need someone like her only pretending to make it better...
What's even worse is we are not the only ones who have been victims of Cheryle's deception. From piny entrepreneurs to notable media figures, we know people who have been played by this organization at one time or another. Imagine how many others there are with the same sentiments who have just not said anything. Maybe they think that Cheryle is so powerful but really she's just a coward. She creates an under-handed plan like this and crosses her legs, does a curtsy and pretends like nothing is wrong. So, I guess we're the first to say something...and we doubt we'll be the last.


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  • I have experience at LEAST 4 of those points messing round with the Useless League...Keep Exposing the phonies ladies!!

  • In reply to jratliff:

    Wow! 4 out of 10 IS bad! LOL!...We used to think maybe it was just us...but then more people like yourself have shared the same sentiments about The Useless League. This is no fly-by-night investigation...we've been seeing their bizarre practices for nearly two years now.

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