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My Grammy Recap.....

Disclaimer: Due to my short attention span this recap is only going to cover the parts that I could concentrate on without getting completely bored. If you are looking for more of an accurate account of events that took place Sunday night, then please visit the thousands of blog sites that obsessed over each second.... Read more »

ATTN: Chicago Promoters, Find A New Hustle!

Chicago Promoters are doing too much these days! We’ve spent the last couple of years watching the antics of Super promoters like Teddy Gilmore, Mark Fuller, Johnnie Franklin, Mike Irvin, Corey Bradford, and Vince Bass take advantage of Chicago’s Nightlife enthusiasts.    08. They are soooooo Cocky & Narcissistic They feel like big shots. You’d think they... Read more »

Grammy Night....

Tonight is Grammy night and the word on the street is that it is a tough competition with names such as; Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, and Black Eyed Peas up for many awards. Although Flair TV will not be on the red carpet this year, we are sure that the night will be filled... Read more »

Lose The Social Profile...& Get a Therapist instead!

No! I’m not a physician, but I’ve watched enough Doogie Howser, Doctors, & Scrubs to know when something is clearly wrong with a person’s brain cells. There are a lot of people laying all of their dirty laundry in Cyber Space. I’m not sure how unhealthy it is, but I know it doesn’t look good.... Read more »

More Drama In Chicago's Theatre District

No Bright Lights! No Big Stars! Chicago what happened to your Theatre District?! While venturing downtown last week for our radio interview, Chundria and I happened to stroll through the “Theatre District” and might I say it needs more drama. What comes to mind when you think of Broadway in New York? Well for me... Read more »

Top 10 Reasons Why The Chicago "USELESS" League Sucks

As budding entreprenuers, we have networked with many people. During our premature stages, we were given an abundance of advice. Numerous people suggested we should seek assistance from the Chicago Urban League. At first, we were apprehensive but we read their mission statement on their website to find that assisting small businesses is what they... Read more »

Invasion of The Bar Snatchers!

I’m over 25 and not quite 30, so hanging with 21-year-olds in a bar is not my idea of a great time. Not to say everybody over 21 and under 25 doesn’t know how to act appropriately, but I only know few people in that age category who prove otherwise. I guess I’ve had some... Read more »

Get off of Jennifer Aniston's Nuts..... Geesh!

The other day Chundria and I are in Target’s check out line. While waiting for the cashier to get his life together and give me back my $10 worth of change, I glance over at the shelf full of magazines, such as; OK, People, US Weekly, The National Enquirer…etc, and quickly became irritated at the... Read more »

Mo'Nique, take a chill pill!...

Even though she said “Skinny Bitches are evil” we still think Monique’s a pretty funny comedian. She made a mark in female comedy and quickly escalated from motivating the big girls to landing on the big screen. We enjoyed her in the bright and loud, type-cast roles in movies like Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins  and... Read more »

Interview at WGN Radio (Video).....Finally!

You may have heard our interview across the WGN Radio airwaves with host Bill Leff. The whole crew were great and we found in a new buddy in Producer Kristen. We wanted to share some video clips of our amazing time at the studio. You can also listen to the full podcast of the interview... Read more »