My Grammy Recap.....

Disclaimer: Due to my short attention span this recap is only going to cover the parts that I could concentrate on without getting completely bored. If you are looking for more of an accurate account of events that took place Sunday night, then please visit the thousands of blog sites that obsessed over each second.

Beyonce: OF COURSE Beyonce won 70 more Grammy's yesterday evening. Really, B?!


How many more awards and accolades do you need honey? The world and I know that you are a very talented woman who can sing, dance, act, Exec. Produce, be a successful entrepreneur and a Ms. Do It All; however, I am ready to see you move to another motherhood or knitting. With Facebook comments such as "Beyonce was horrible" or "Beyonce did the same thing", I am starting to think that I am not the only one that is ready to see you do something new. Furthermore, Ms. Carter looked radiant as always!

Taylor Swift: I was able to catch a painstaking duet that Taylor Swift did with Stevie Nicks and I must say what I came in on was not Taylor's best pitch. When she switched it up and sang her new single things seem to have gotten a little better. Along with Beyonce, Taylor swept up the night with awards. I truly believe that the Kanye scandal added to that possibility.

Michael Jackson Dedication: Throughout the night the Grammy's took the time out to dedicate the evening to our lost legend. Although, I felt that the sentiments were not genuine because people didn't appreciate him while he was here; I was happy about the group song that Celine Dione, Usher, Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Hudson, Smokey Robinson participated in. It was VERY well done! No one was over the top with the singing or trying to out sing each other. The control that everyone possessed provided for a beautiful melody. Also, J-Hud looked beautiful sporting her 2nd baby bump!

Bon Jovi: I viewed a very small part of their performance. Chundria and I both agreed that it is time for Bon Jovi to allot a new group of men to have a shot in the spotlight. They have been performing for a very llloooonnnnnggg time now.


Brittany: While online, I saw what Brittany arrived to the Grammy's in and let me just say "Brit, I hope you are ok honey....not sure what was going on with the dress but I hope for the best."

After returning from flipping through the channels for something else to watch I arrived in the middle of Mos Def and another celebrity presenting an award. Once the list of nominees was announced, Mos Def embarrassingly struggled to open the envelope and declared the winners of Best Video of the Year.....

Jay-Z & Rihanna: We end up learning that these two were underneath the envelope that Mos Def was struggling to open and received the award for the video "Run This Town". At the point that Rihanna awkwardly walked over to Jay-Z and then Jay-Z turns to grab Beyonce's nephew to accompany him on the stage, I was done with the Grammy's. Jay-Z said something about little nephew as little man stares at Jay with massive confusion, which I am pretty sure the whole audience did, because I am still uncertain why he was on the stage.


Where ever you viewed the Grammy's I hope that you received much joy from it and gave it more attention than I did. Next year I am just going to Google everything....


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  • Hi! I was on Twitter tracking the "#Grammy" tag, and the most overwhelming comments I saw was "The Grammys were so boring!" and "Lady GaGa was robbed!" Since you were channel surfing, you missed when Pink "showered" the audience...dressed in their finest gear...with her "Cirque Du Soak-lil" performance. Peep it on Youtube.

    I'd have to agree that this Grammy Awards show was kinda lame. Maybe it's because I'm nearing to the tail end of the prime demographic group that advertisers and the music industry cherishes.

  • In reply to silkysoul:

    You-re right! I did miss Pink's performance. I heard she was awesome! I am going to go check Youtube now.

    Yeah when you reach the age that the Grammy's are not appealing to you its a clear indication that this was intended for a different demographic. Thanks for reading SilkySoul....! At least I know that I reach your demographic :)

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