More Drama In Chicago's Theatre District

No Bright Lights!

No Big Stars!

downtown_theatre_district.jpgChicago what happened to your Theatre District?!

While venturing downtown last week for our radio interview, Chundria and I happened to stroll through the "Theatre District" and might I say it needs more drama.

What comes to mind when you think of Broadway in New York? Well for me I think of:
• A lot of well put together productions to choose from
• A lot of Bright Lights which adds to the whole drama of being on Broadway
• A lot of Big Stars. The ability to view some of your favorite celebs taking it back to their grass roots is always refreshing.
• A lot more of some damn theatre's to hold productions

Unfortunately, Chicago seems to lack the above quailites in a big way. After viewing our theatre district, I could not help but say "that's it?" I am unsure of the reason I felt the lack of fulfillment when I strolled through or why I felt that something was missing but all I know is: Art Brings Life. Without art people feel empty! That could be the reason why Chicago is dying or losing its zest for life.

Daley needs to really think about ways to resurrect Chicago starting with the Theatre District. He needs to bring the arts back to Chicago without tagging a HUGE price (greed) on to it.
We have been trying to propose this notation to him since he lost the bid but good ideas sometimes fall on deaf ears. Maybe we should direct a play about it......


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  • I saw "The Color Purple" there about a year ago, and I noticed that "Wicked" was playing down the street. I get what you're saying about Chicago investing in some culture. Still, when the city axes a big fireworks display for three smaller ones in order to save moolah, it's hard to convince someone to listen to the lullaby of Randolph Street (where the Cadillac Theater resides).

  • In reply to silkysoul:

    I must admit that we do have a hand full of big productions that come to town but they play it forever. Take Wicked for example how long were they playing that? And now that have brought it back again.

    I just wished that Daley focused more on the community than the "bid" that he wasted soooo much money on! Now we are in a huge financial bind with no way to get out.

    Thanks for reading Silkysoul :)

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