Mo'Nique, take a chill pill!...

Even though she said "Skinny Bitches are evil" we still think Monique's a pretty funny comedian. She made a mark in female comedy and quickly escalated from motivating the big girls to landing on the big screen.


We enjoyed her in the bright and loud, type-cast roles in movies like Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins  and Two Can Play That Game. We remember her long run as Nikki Parker, chasing Professor Oglevee for nearly fives seasons. Our fellow Precious movie fans saw her most dramatic role yet last year. While she was celebrating its super-charged success, she was making deals and negotiations for her own talk show on BET. She's had her hand in a lot of successful projects in the past, so we wondered what the show would be like. Late night talk shows usually require the gift of gab, a comfy couch, and some celebrity guests.

While we've always accepted Mo'nique's bubbly personality, high energy, and the confidence she exudes, we think she's overdone it. Don't take us the wrong way because we are bright, bubbly and fun too. That's the way life should be. However, we don't condone screaming at your audience, guests, and viewers; bopping across the stage, and making outlandish interjections like she's at a family reunion. Do you agree that her physician needs to prescribe her a chill pill asap??


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  • She seems to be comfortable playing the loud-mouthed, tell-'em-off, 'round-the-way-girl she's been all these years since she first debuted in the comedy stand-up circuit. That's her "product", which seems to appeal to a lot of full-figured sistas...and brothas, too. (Note: she's not MY type.) And as we all know in America, when money talks, the moneymakers get to blab all they want in any way they care to do so!

    However, I've run across Mo'nique in the Essence Fest Marketplace before, and she was very subdued person. She had places to be, and she didn't have time to chat.

  • In reply to silkysoul:

    Well, we imagine she's paid the industry dues, saturated herself in the market and has worked to a point where she can be as loud and obnoxious as she wants to be. You're absolutely right, money talks, and the moneymakers blab all they want. It's funny they never think that all that jibberish may actually irritate a viewer instead of making them root and cheer like guests on the Arsenio Hall We still can't believe you saw Mo'nique in person and she was subdued and distant. That would be something nice to see! However, the BET execs love to showcase over-dramatic black people so she just may lose her show if she comes to the set relaxed and reserved...

  • I have been following MoNique's career and have even worked with her on a few projects. But I can not watch this show until she stops the screaming.. I am thinking because the show is new.. she is excited (I am happy for her) but maybe by summer she will stop the hollering.. and then I can watch

  • In reply to dwilliams:

    By summer, Dionne?!! That's hilarious!! That is her mode of operation and there are no other options. SilkySoul said she may have been subdued and distant, but when that director calls action and the red light goes on, Mo'nique goes on! Perhaps, it is excitement of reaching another level in the industry. We get it. We see how it works. We'll be happy too when we get our late night talk show one of these day, LOL!! Everything isn't for everybody, but that screaming for an hour long show is OVER the top. We'll be waiting with you until the summer to see if she really calms down.

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