Lose The Social Profile...& Get a Therapist instead!

No! I'm not a physician, but I've watched enough Doogie Howser, Doctors, & Scrubs to know when something is clearly wrong with a person's brain cells. There are a lot of people laying all of their dirty laundry in Cyber Space. I'm not sure how unhealthy it is, but I know it doesn't look good. So I want to refer all of these people to a specialist who will let them lay down on the couch and talk about all of their issues. Yes, a Shrink!...




I doubt the founders of Twitter and Facebook created the
Powerhouse sites to hold years of repressed anger, bitterness, and
downright tactlessness. Recently I read a posting from a Facebook
friend who noted he was having a bowel movement while at work and had
the nerve to actually be making fun of a co-worker who used the restroom
without washing their hands! That's some nerve...some disgusting nerve might
I add.  Oh my!! And then there was another friend who I ended up
deleting from my list. She was in the middle of an obviously overdue
breakup with her boyfriend and every few hours she would write some
mess about the guy in 3rd person. She'd say things like "If he wasn't such an asshole, this relationship could work!" "He is fooling himself if he thinks this is going to work" "I gave him the best years
of my life. I'm done!!" 
Well guess what, dumb girl??
Everybody knows who you're talking about! Oh and best of all...there's
a family I know really well and the parents and their teenage children
have  Facebook accounts. Every single time there was an argument at


home, it would end up in the kids' statuses like Fresh Off The Press
. Umm, helloooooo! Do you know your parents can read this? Or do you
just not care? They chose they latter. They give new meaning to the question: "What Are You Doing?" I've seen some of the most outlandish statements in updates and tweets and the comments left are often times worse. Is it so hard to just network, connect with old friends, crack a few jokes, annouce the cool things in your life and log off????
I guess it is...

Since I don't have time for what Nekia and I call Oprah Moments, I guess I'll be deleting more friends, at least until their therapy is over...


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  • While therapy could probably help these people, I imagine they could also benefit by simply thinking before acting. So if you want to express any and all of your feelings about someone, you can do so immediately; however when you've had a chance to think about it -it might be too late.

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