Invasion of The Bar Snatchers!

I'm over 25 and not quite 30, so hanging with 21-year-olds in a bar is not my idea of a great time. Not to say everybody over 21 and under 25 doesn't know how to act appropriately, but I only know few people in that age category who prove otherwise. I guess I've had some bad experiences where I was ready for a good time but got just the opposite. I'm having a serious flashback right now!


I remember attending a birthday party for a 30-year-old at a Chicago bar I won't mention, and I felt like a chaperon in there. The Top-40 Jungle music Nekia mentioned in a recent blog was thumping and these 'Kids' were jumping! How can you even think in a place like that, let alone talk to someone? My head hurt so badly, there was nowhere to sit, and the place was packed wall-to-wall with busy-bodies. There was an incurable stinch of sweat and fragrance and to think, I paid $20 to get in and $10 to park my car. I wasted $30 bucks to be bothered with the the Bar Snatchers. The ones who take over the new, chic bars and lounges in the city over time and people like me are left to find another spot or just stay home.

Last night, I went to Tantrum, a cute little bar in the South Loop
area. Though, it wasn't my first visit, it was a most enjoyable one.
Tucked on South State St. you enter the place you may have passed a
thousand times without looking. I sure had, trying to get to or leave
from Roosevelt Rd in the hustle and bustle of Flair meetings and
downtown visits.


I had only been inside the venue with the perfect decorum for two minutes before the bartender Nicole gave me a warm greeting and recommended her Long Island in my choice of 5 different flavors. I
chose Apple (my favorite) and must say the girl deserves bragging
rights. She even declared how her special way of preparing it makes her
stand out from the rest. I tell you, the girl definitely has Flair!
LOL...The bartender jargon went over my head but the drink went
straight to it, lol!. I can admit that long before that alcohol settled
in my system, I appreciated the 30-40-aged crowd in the building. The
DJ was spinning the best mix of classic R&B music and some of the
more tolerable Top 40 music of today. The speakers delivered the music
in a mid-range instead of thumping in my ear. I could hear myself think
and enjoy my conversations without rupturing someone's eardrum from
yelling.  I saw business suits, dress shoes, a few jeans, though all
neat appearances, style, sophistication amongst the intimate
conversations. I saw a calm in the room, making it a mellow environment
for everybody, as we all had comfy seats. I need to know about more
places like this. In the mean time, I hope this is one hidden gem the Bar Snatchers steer clear from. 

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