Get off of Jennifer Aniston's Nuts..... Geesh!


The other day Chundria and I are in Target's check out line. While waiting for the cashier to get his life together and give me back my $10 worth of change, I glance over at the shelf full of magazines, such as; OK, People, US Weekly, The National Enquirer...etc, and quickly became irritated at the covers that read:


Gown's & Gossip/ Why Brad is Fuming (with Jennifer Aniston's picture plastered above Brad & Angelina's

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Jen & Gerard Back On   


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Exclusive! Jens Revenge Body...

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And my favorite one of all (I hope you can hear the sarcasm in my voice)


Jennifer Aniston 5 Years Later  

People Magazine.jpg

(People magazine should be ashamed that they did not give the Haiti earthquake victims the cover)  

What is the obession regarding this situation that we are still writing about it 5 years later? I can not believe that almost every other magazine on the shelves has something regarding Jennifer Aniston on the cover.  

I wish people would just leave her alone! Can you imagine going through a rough divorce, your husband leaving you for another woman, and procreates with the person that he left you for? If it already isn't painful enough, now imagine all of that plastered in several magazines constantly reminding you when you just wanted to go to the store for some toilet paper!

Geesh can the woman live already? We have followed her before the divorce, during the divorce, after the divorce, when she started dating, when the public started pushing having children on her, when .....when ......when....UGH! Enough already! This is a sick obsession! Everytime people bring up Angelina they have to bring up Brad and everytime they bring up Brad they have to bring up Jen.

I feel so bad for this woman, everytime she tries to move on with her future people keep reminding her of something that happened five years ago by rubbing it in her face through 4 MAGAZINES!

When are the editors of the magazines going to move on? It seems as though their break-up hurt them more than it hurt the intended victim, Jen. 

Dear Magazine Editors, Please take a moment and get off of Jennifer Aniston's Nuts! There are other things to talk about. 

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