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The Many Headed Beast

Everybody wants to be a movie star. Everybody wants to direct. Everybody wants to write. My personal favorite is the so-called “Triple threat”: someone who wants to write, direct, and star in their own films. It is an ambitious dream and I can appreciate that kind of drive. Well done. But who can do everything... Read more »

Introducing Jan Kaschner

Introducing Jan Kaschner
Good Evening, Greg Kiernan here again and I am pleased to report that this week’s post is exceptionally exciting.  As the production of Blue Damen’s latest film “Recalculating” draws near it behooves one to take a look at all the multitude of steps that it took to bring this story to life (not to mention... Read more »

Before The Curtain Rises: An Interview With Pete Garlock

By Greg Kiernan What do you mean this movie had no script? As a writer myself it’s a small wonder why I was so dumbfounded. A movie without a script tells me that no one was there to hammer out the story and make sure it works on paper. No one was there to make... Read more »

The Anti Social Network

It was my sister, my working-on-her-masters-in-professional-writing sister, who brought home a copy of the screenplay for “The Social Network” for me to read. “This is really well written,” she told me by way  of recommendation. I was excited to read it; I hadn’t seen the film yet but the consensus I heard from people who... Read more »