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Red Carpet Truths

So in last weeks post I described the steps for becoming a spectator at the Academy Awards red carpet. This week I just want to follow up on that topic with a few things I learned from the experience. First of all, there are two kinds of spectators alongside the Oscars red carpet: there are... Read more »

If You're Not On The Internet Then You Don't Exist

There’s a State Farm ad on TV at the moment that runs something like this: Guy: Where did you hear that? Girl: On the internet. Guy: And you believed it. Girl: Yeah, They can’t put anything on the internet if it isn’t true. Guy: Where did you hear that? Both: On the internet. Girl: Oh!... Read more »

Why, Yes, We Did Just Get A Facelift

I’m going to date myself, here, but I remember when putting a website address at the end of a television commercial was a novelty. At the time the gesture was, to me, obscure at best. We didn’t jump on the whole “internet” bandwagon until we were nearly buried under AOL promotional CDs (remember those?). It... Read more »