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Why Other Peoples' Success Makes Me Feel Bad About Myself

Here’s one: did you hear about the student film that just won the Cinefondation short film award at Cannes? The film is called “The Needle”. The filmmaker is called Anahita Ghazvinizadeh, a student at the School of the Art Institute. (No? Here is the article:,0,1986199.column) The green-eyed monster in the corner preparing to indulge in... Read more »

The Anti Social Network

It was my sister, my working-on-her-masters-in-professional-writing sister, who brought home a copy of the screenplay for “The Social Network” for me to read. “This is really well written,” she told me by way  of recommendation. I was excited to read it; I hadn’t seen the film yet but the consensus I heard from people who... Read more »