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The American Film Market

The American Film Market
A film market is not the same thing as a film festival. We should start there: a film festival is an event generally open to the public where filmmakers screen their films for audiences with the goal of getting their work reviewed. If the reviews are good then the film might catch the interest of... Read more »

3 Reasons Chicago Makes Better Films Than Hollywood

Hollywood has made some pretty darn good films in its time, and it makes a lotĀ of them. (Movies, that is, not necessarily good ones.) But Chicago has turned out some pretty good films too: Blues Brothers, Ferris Bueller, Dark Knight… And considering the proportion of Good films made in Chicago to the total number of... Read more »

"The Visionary" Screens At Midwest Film Festival

Gwydhar answers questions about “The Visionary” at the Midwest Film Festival’s Female Filmmaker night. March 2nd, 2010 was the first Tuesday of the month, and at the Landmark Century Theatre in Chicago that means the Midwest Film Festival. We attended because our film “The Visionary” was screening as part of the inaugural Female Filmmakers shorts... Read more »