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Five Years of Filming in Chicago

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Everybody wants to be an overnight success. We sometimes fall into the  trap of thinking that the only movies being made are the blockbuster hits that take theatres by storm. It’s easy to be so dazzled by the glitz of an action packed feature film and it’s easy to forget that the people who made... Read more »

Blue Damen Pictures: Celebrating 6 Years of Film Production In Chicago

Blue Damen Pictures: Celebrating 6 Years of Film Production In Chicago
  June 28th: It’s our birthday and we never forget it! This year we are 6 years old and we think that is something worth celebrating. Here is how far we have come in 6 years: We have produced 4 short films: “Persephone”, “The Visionary”, “Mattress World”, and (currently in production) “Recalculating”.   Thinking big... Read more »

"Persephone" Special Screening

Yes, the rumors are true: our first film “Persephone” is coming out of mothballs for a special screening in November as part of the Red Rock Film Festival in Zion Canyon, UT! The news of this screening came as a surprise to us since we officially stopped shopping “Persephone” around to festivals back in 2008.... Read more »

In Honor of Lynn Redgrave

Back at the beginning of 2009 we attended the Kent Film Festival with our first film “Persephone” which ended up winning Best Experimental Short. And who was there to present the awards but a lovely lady by the name of Lynn Redgrave. Admittedly I didn’t recognize what an honor this was at the time (though... Read more »