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"Recalculating" Premieres in Elgin

March 2nd, 2013: the place is the Marcus Elgin Cinema and the lobby is abuzz with excited audience members excited to see the very first screening of Blue Damen Pictures’ newest short film “Recalculating”. If you weren’t able to join us here is a photo replay: Want more, More, MORE updates? Type your email address... Read more »

Introducing Jan Kaschner

Introducing Jan Kaschner
Good Evening, Greg Kiernan here again and I am pleased to report that this week’s post is exceptionally exciting.  As the production of Blue Damen’s latest film “Recalculating” draws near it behooves one to take a look at all the multitude of steps that it took to bring this story to life (not to mention... Read more »

On With The Show: An Interview With Amy Karen

By Greg Kiernan So the big night has come and what a journey it it has been.  I leave for Elgin from Chicago taking just enough time after I arrive home work to change into my suit.  Upon arriving I am immediately struck by the beauty of the venue. The Marcus theatre of Elgin shimmers... Read more »

Before The Curtain Rises: An Interview With Pete Garlock

By Greg Kiernan What do you mean this movie had no script? As a writer myself it’s a small wonder why I was so dumbfounded. A movie without a script tells me that no one was there to hammer out the story and make sure it works on paper. No one was there to make... Read more »

People Who Make Films Because They Love It

We have lift off! My first blog, that is.  This is Greg Kiernan by the way and this is my first time writing on this platform.  Why, you ask, did a person who has never blogged about anything before decide to try it out now?  Because I have some very exciting news — I am... Read more »