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Who Cares About Independent Film Anyway?

<Start irony> Thanks Apple. And Canon. And Sony. And all of you- you know who you are. You’re the ones who made it just SO easy for everyone to become a filmmaker these days and now we’re paying the price. The Facebook messages, the endless event invitations, the please-like-this-project-cuz-I’m-working-on-it-and-we’re-friends-right? pleas. Oh yeah, and the constant... Read more »

Could Elgin Be The New Tribecca?

Elgin Arts Grant Brings Independent Film Production Company to Town         More and more independent filmmakers are freeing themselves from the industry restraints of Los Angeles and are searching the nation for film-friendly communities to settle down in.  Now, thanks to the Elgin Arts Funding grant from the Florence B. and Cornelia A.... Read more »

Chase Community Giving

Hello! Most of you have probably noticed Blue Damen’s participation in Chase Community Giving on Facebook.  For the last five years Chase has been giving grants to non profit organizations focusing on community development, education, and arts and culture.  Help Blue Damen be one of those lucky organizations! With the grant money we hope to... Read more »