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The Importance of Audience

As someone who makes film there is a certain amount of embarrassment involved in admitting how rare it is that I go to the movie theatre. I’m probably not alone in this: with movies On Demand and Netflix and the like it isn’t necessary to leave the house to catch up on the latest cinematic... Read more »

Five Years of Filming in Chicago

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Everybody wants to be an overnight success. We sometimes fall into the  trap of thinking that the only movies being made are the blockbuster hits that take theatres by storm. It’s easy to be so dazzled by the glitz of an action packed feature film and it’s easy to forget that the people who made... Read more »

Summer Update

Greetings!Well it’s August again (I’m not really sure where July went) and that means that we’ve successfully completed Blue Damen Pictures’ second annual summer internship program! Alert readers may have noticed that our star intern Susan Bratton wrote many of the blogs that went live this summer leaving yours truly with more time to make... Read more »