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Fresh Eyes

On Friday the graduate film production students held an informal screening of our “P1” films. (P1= Project 1) These were the very first films that we produced as part of the program. They were limited to five minutes in length and we had to record production sound, but we were not allowed to incorporate dialogue.... Read more »

Others Demand Proof: Proof I Once Handled "Real" Film

Even though I call myself a “filmmaker” I’ve never actually worked with film. At least, I’ve never worked with motion picture film- I took a film photography class back when I was in High school which was in the last millennium so I’m not sure that counts. I’m not alone in this: the industry has... Read more »

10 Things Never To Say To A Filmmaker

So you’ve just met a filmmaker for the first time and you want to make a good impression. You want to ask thoughtful and relevant questions- how hard could it be? Right? You like movies and they make movies. Conversation should flow like the smooth jazz of Kenny G. Right? Well, it’s possible if you... Read more »

Hollywood Is Imploding!! Oh Wait, We Already Knew That

Hollywood Is Imploding!! Oh Wait, We Already Knew That
Lately there has been an article from the Hollywood Reporter making the rounds entitled “Steven Spielberg Predicts ‘Implosion’ of Film Industry”. The gist of the article is this: Hollywood is having an increasingly difficult time luring audiences into movie theatres. Studios are committing more and more money to a few extravagantly big budget films to... Read more »

If You're Not On The Internet Then You Don't Exist

There’s a State Farm ad on TV at the moment that runs something like this: Guy: Where did you hear that? Girl: On the internet. Guy: And you believed it. Girl: Yeah, They can’t put anything on the internet if it isn’t true. Guy: Where did you hear that? Both: On the internet. Girl: Oh!... Read more »

The Many Headed Beast

Everybody wants to be a movie star. Everybody wants to direct. Everybody wants to write. My personal favorite is the so-called “Triple threat”: someone who wants to write, direct, and star in their own films. It is an ambitious dream and I can appreciate that kind of drive. Well done. But who can do everything... Read more »

REEL Chicago Filmmakers

In an exciting twist of events one of our older projects, a short film entitled “Mattress World”, is going to be enjoying a bit of a festival revival this weekend. “Mattress World” was selected to screen at the Chicago REEL Shorts Film Festival this weekend and will be showing on Sunday afternoon at 2:45pm as... Read more »