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You Want A Chicago Actor? Meet Ron Dean.

You Want A Chicago Actor? Meet Ron Dean.
  Good Evening, Greg Kiernan here again and this has got to be one of the most exciting blogs I’ve posted yet – I had the chance to meet up with the star of the upcoming Blue Damen picture “Recalculating” (production set in Elgin over the next few weeks!).  This particular actor may not be... Read more »

The Glasses Say It All

We could argue for a long time about what “irony” really is, but when you get right down to it I think that getting a donation of hipster glasses as the result of shooting a mumblecore film counts. Let me set the scene for you: Hipster Gwydhar says: “Visualize This”. It was a dark and... Read more »

Behind The Scenes of "Night Train"

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and since it’s Friday I thought I’d give the keyboard a break and just share some behind-the-scenes photos from our recent shoot for our mumblecore style film entitled “Night Train”. Photos taken by Nancy LaLuntas. The actors rehearsing their first scene at the train station. A... Read more »

Putting the "Pro" in Profiteering

There’s something about the film industry that makes everyone see dollar signs and broken promises. It is almost a joke. Recently I had the misfortune of experiencing this first-hand. As an independent filmmaker it is easy to forget that even the simplest of tasks, such as shooting a short scene of a girl falling asleep... Read more »