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Hollywood Is Imploding!! Oh Wait, We Already Knew That

Hollywood Is Imploding!! Oh Wait, We Already Knew That
Lately there has been an article from the Hollywood Reporter making the rounds entitled “Steven Spielberg Predicts ‘Implosion’ of Film Industry”. The gist of the article is this: Hollywood is having an increasingly difficult time luring audiences into movie theatres. Studios are committing more and more money to a few extravagantly big budget films to... Read more »

Everyone's a Critic

Picture this. You’re sitting in a movie theatre, the lights go down and the coming attractions flicker on the screen.  In a mere minute and a half they promise two hours worth of intrigue, suspense, wonder, love and entertainment.  And as soon as each trailer ends everyone becomes a critic: “That looks good.”  “I totally... Read more »

The Dark Age of Film

If you’re like me you probably always imagined that the projection booth at a movie theatre would be full of, well, film. To be fair, until about a year ago the only projector booths that I’d ever seen were on the screen, not in real life. I was surprised, therefore, to discover that the projection... Read more »