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"Dark Before Dawn" In Hollywood

"Dark Before Dawn" In Hollywood
Well, technically it was in Beverly Hills, but who is counting, right? It was our Los Angeles premiere and we were darn proud of it! Our little mumblecore film all grown up and lighting up the big screen in LA! Of course we had to take lots of pictures, so have a seat, grab some... Read more »

Leveling the Playing Field Between Studios and Independent Filmmakers

“This is the center of the universe.” It was late afternoon on the campus of the Warner Brothers Studio in Burbank: in particular we were standing in a wide pedestrian road filled with metal picnic tables with folding umbrellas. “The commissary.” The guide explained. “This is where¬†everybody¬†comes: meets, talks, makes deals.” If this was the... Read more »

Meet Katy Sullivan!

Hello! First of all everyone should check out Mattress World’s official page on IMDB!  We’re very excited to have that up and running!  We’ve also made more progress on “Something Sweet” and “Recalculating.”  A lot more research has been done on everything sugar to put the pieces of the documentary together.  Of course filming for... Read more »

Meet The Cast: Pete Garlock

Greetings! Blue Damen is currently in pre-production for “Recalculating,” a short film written by Jan Schumacher-Kaschner.  If you’re at the “Mattress World” Premiere on the 26th, you may get to see a promotional trailer for this film! Playing a prominent role in this film is our friend Pete Garlock, whom we met at the Elgin... Read more »