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Looking Back, Looking Forward

We hope this letter finds you in good spirits as we prepare to celebrate the New Year! As much as we look forward to a little holiday rest and relaxation we are busier than ever here at Blue Damen Pictures and as we look forward to a bright New Year we wanted to take a... Read more »

Wrapping Up The Holidays

It’s that time of the year again: the time when temperatures run low and anxiety runs high. Some people are super organized about the holidays. These are the people who buy their gifts months in advance and have them lovingly wrapped and stowed away in closets and basements until the Big Day. These are the... Read more »

Are American Audiences Getting Dumber?

Mention the film “Jack and Jill” in the same sentence as, say, “Melancholia” and your conversation will inevitably end with someone shaking their head and saying: “I just don’t get how movies can make so much money when they just keep getting dumber and dumber” to which someone will reply: “That’s what sells- Americans are... Read more »

Called to the Cinema

  I happened across this article on a fellow filmmaker’s Facebook page today: Though I haven’t seen the film described in the article, The Catechism Cataclysm, it did touch on a topic that I’ve been giving a lot of thought to lately, namely, the sense of purpose that drives otherwise reasonable individuals to create... Read more »

This Wasn't What I Had In Mind When I Said I Wanted to Be a Groundbreaking Filmmaker, But OK

I was asked to say a few words last week at the groundbreaking ceremony for a new ArtSpace building that is going up in Elgin. ArtSpace, in case you haven’t heard of it, is an organization out of Minnesota that builds affordable live-work lofts for artists and their families. Now that is an organization that... Read more »

Paid in Peanuts: Unpaid Internships in the Film Industry Trenches

As I was looking up trivia on IMdB the other day (as I am wont to do) I stumbled upon an article about a pair of formerly-unpaid-interns who were suing the production company of “Black Swan” for minimum wage. ( I should preface my comments by saying that whenever I read “Black Swan” and “lawsuit”... Read more »

The Anti Social Network

It was my sister, my working-on-her-masters-in-professional-writing sister, who brought home a copy of the screenplay for “The Social Network” for me to read. “This is really well written,” she told me by way  of recommendation. I was excited to read it; I hadn’t seen the film yet but the consensus I heard from people who... Read more »

REEL Chicago Filmmakers

In an exciting twist of events one of our older projects, a short film entitled “Mattress World”, is going to be enjoying a bit of a festival revival this weekend. “Mattress World” was selected to screen at the Chicago REEL Shorts Film Festival this weekend and will be showing on Sunday afternoon at 2:45pm as... Read more »

The Gentleman's (And Ladies') Rejection Tasting Guide: Prim and Business-like

On every life a little rain must fall and for every project a few rejection letters land in our in-box. We’ve become quite the connoisseurs of a good rejection; why not put this experience to good use? Thus we present for your reading pleasure: “The Gentleman (and Ladies) Rejection Tasting Guide”. “Dear Gwydhar – Re: OFFICIAL FESTIVAL NOTIFICATION... Read more »

Herding Cats- Have You Ever Tried It?

Oh, hi there- has it been a while since we were last in touch? Yes, yes it has. We had this grand goal of having an update every week until our film “Dark Before Dawn” was finished but we’ve had a few weeks of chasing our tails that we didn’t think would make for interesting... Read more »