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Your Christmas Movie Horoscope

Ahh who among us has not looked to the stars to know what to expect from our lives? Who is to say that the Christmas season should be any different? Consider this to be your horoscope for the holiday season. Here’s how it works: Below is a list of 12 favorite Christmas movies- think of... Read more »

Based On Real People, Not Characters

Picture this. You’re watching a movie that you know for a fact is based on a true story.  You watch the story play out and think “Wow, so this is what really happened!” Far from it, my friends.  While real life stories of success, crime and tragedy are always intriguing, it’s actually pretty rare that... Read more »

Secrets to Getting Cast in a Movie

As we gear up for the production of our newest film “Recalculating” the topic of casting has been on my mind a lot lately. In the grand scheme of things Blue Damen Pictures is still a guppy in the Very Big Pond which is the film industry. As a result our casting process has been... Read more »

Wrapping Up The Holidays

It’s that time of the year again: the time when temperatures run low and anxiety runs high. Some people are super organized about the holidays. These are the people who buy their gifts months in advance and have them lovingly wrapped and stowed away in closets and basements until the Big Day. These are the... Read more »

"Life in a Day" Selects Gwydhar's Footage

So there’s this little project going around on YouTube that a few of you alert readers might remember from July. It’s called Life in a Day and it is a filmmaking project by directors Kevin Macdonald and Ridley Scott that will eventually turn out to be a documentary film about what life is like all... Read more »

Meet Katy Sullivan!

Hello! First of all everyone should check out Mattress World’s official page on IMDB!  We’re very excited to have that up and running!  We’ve also made more progress on “Something Sweet” and “Recalculating.”  A lot more research has been done on everything sugar to put the pieces of the documentary together.  Of course filming for... Read more »

Successful Premier!

Hello! As some of you may know, last Saturday was the world premier of Blue Damen’s new short “Mattress World,” the story of an overworked mattress salesman attempting to close up his shop one evening when the mattresses develop personalities and try to convince him that they are the best mattress in the store.  The... Read more »

Mattress World Premier This Saturday!

Greetings! The time has finally come!  This Saturday June 26th is the Premier of Blue Damen’s new film “Mattress World.”  This whimsical tale follows a mattress salesman closing up shop after a long day of work.  Tired from the day he can’t believe his eyes as the mattresses gain personalities of their own and try... Read more »