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Five Years of Filming in Chicago

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Everybody wants to be an overnight success. We sometimes fall into the ┬átrap of thinking that the only movies being made are the blockbuster hits that take theatres by storm. It’s easy to be so dazzled by the glitz of an action packed feature film and it’s easy to forget that the people who made... Read more »

Cinefile Interviews Gwydhar About "The Visionary"

Back at the beginning of March we screened “The Visionary” at the Midwest Film Festival and while we were there we encountered the lovely people from Cinefile interviewing filmmakers. Drawn, moth-like, to the bright lights, I wandered over to see what it was all about and even got to say a few words myself! The... Read more »

Photos from the Kent Film Festival

It seems like every time we turn around we are jetting off to another film festival these days! Most recently we were in Kent, Connecticut for the Kent Independent Film Festival which, we are assured by the town’s first Selectman (that’s kind of like a mayor) has been nominated as the top festival in the... Read more »

"The Visionary" Screens At Midwest Film Festival

Gwydhar answers questions about “The Visionary” at the Midwest Film Festival’s Female Filmmaker night. March 2nd, 2010 was the first Tuesday of the month, and at the Landmark Century Theatre in Chicago that means the Midwest Film Festival. We attended because our film “The Visionary” was screening as part of the inaugural Female Filmmakers shorts... Read more »