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The Truth Will Make You Fat

At this time last year we were two months into preliminary production on our documentary “Something Sweet” which explores the role that sugar and sweeteners play in the American diet and culture. Our concept was simple: one of us (and by “one of us” I mean “me”) would avoid all foods with added sugar and... Read more »

Summer Update

Greetings!Well it’s August again (I’m not really sure where July went) and that means that we’ve successfully completed Blue Damen Pictures’ second annual summer internship program! Alert readers may have noticed that our star intern Susan Bratton wrote many of the blogs that went live this summer leaving yours truly with more time to make... Read more »

The Woman Who Knows: Jennifer Vimbor, Nutritionist

If you’re like me then you were probably taught about healthy eating in high school health class and if you’re like me you probably slept through most of it. I remember something about a pyramid, I think, and maybe some anecdotal information about what a calorie is, but it’s ok because like every healthy, normal... Read more »

Sara Connell: The Unsweetened Sweetheart

It was February when I had the opportunity to meet Sara Connell. I got her name from Jennifer Vimbor, the nutritionist that I’d consulted at the beginning of this project. Like me, Sara had given up foods with added sugar. Unlike me, who had been committed to this regimen for barely over a month, Sara... Read more »