"Recalculating" Premieres in Elgin

March 2nd, 2013: the place is the Marcus Elgin Cinema and the lobby is abuzz with excited audience members excited to see the very first screening of Blue Damen Pictures' newest short film "Recalculating".

If you weren't able to join us here is a photo replay:

The lobby of the Marcus Elgin Cinema. On the far right you can see Katy Sullivan and Ron Dean, the stars of the show. Also visible in this photo: screenwriter Jan Schumacher-Kaschner and actors Pete Garlock and Les Kaschner. Find them all!

Audience members are greeted at the Will Call table by Blue Damen team members. Danellyn does the greeting. Scott Beattie acts as management.

Courier News reporter Dave Gatham attempts to interview director Gwydhar Gebien who give him her full attent- is that a camera?!

Jeff Meyers interviews Katy Sullivan for a monthly Elgin news video.

Blue Damen team member Greg Kiernan mans the merchandising table: "Getchyer DVDs here! Fresh, hot DVDs!"

Aww- things just got real! That's our movie title over the theatre door!

Turns out that Scott Beattie has mad emceeing skills. Emceeing skills that we will now be flogging at every opportunity.

A full house. (Except those seats in the middle- but it's OK they were reserved for the actors).Warms the cockles of any filmmakers heart!

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