"Dark Before Dawn" In Hollywood

"Dark Before Dawn" In Hollywood

Well, technically it was in Beverly Hills, but who is counting, right?

It was our Los Angeles premiere and we were darn proud of it! Our little mumblecore film all grown up and lighting up the big screen in LA! Of course we had to take lots of pictures, so have a seat, grab some Velveeta dip while we fire up the projector and walk you through our slides.

Well you just can't screen your film in Los Angeles without a red carpet; the city is lousy with them. Red carpets here, red carpets there... Anyway here is Pete Garlock, Gwydhar Gebien, and Amy Karen on the red carpet for LA Women's Film Festival.

What's that you say? You didn't see any red carpet in that last picture? Pics or it didn't happen? Fine: here is a shot showing the actual red carpet pinned down beneath their feet.

And here is a shot of Amy Karen and Pete Garlock basking in movie star glory...

And here is Gwydhar Gebien, Amy Karen, and Pete Garlock participating in the dreaded initiation ritual of The Q And A... this rite determines whether they will be allowed to hunt with the elders.

Pete successfully fields a question as part of The Q And A ritual. He has been accepted by the tribe.

Amy Karen tackles a question during The Q And A. The elders deem her worthy.

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